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REDNECK FISHERMAN +0 Points November 5, 2017

This was supposed to be a homemade movie, supposed to be a girlfriend waking her boyfriend up sucking his dick but if you notice when they change the camera angle you can see the guy filming it you can see his shoes there with him standing with the camera so they fucked that supposed homemade movie all up!!! Lol

Anonymous +0 Points November 5, 2017

Tori Black, long time retired

True One +0 Points November 5, 2017

While they are girlfriends they do it often but put them a ring and marry them and you will see lots of changes. And while the time goes by it gets worst. Thats the reason of divorces. It's worst when you are fucking in love with your wife, you will ver some blue balls really often. Trust me

Shayna +0 Points November 5, 2017

If you're gonna suck cock do it with passion! You go girl! Just did this to my bf last week. Sent him to work with a smile, and then walked over and did the same to my neighbor's big dick too!

andorman +1 Point November 5, 2017

going under the assumption this is real homemade, she could give lessons on how to reduce the divorce rate by 90%....

Anonymous +0 Points November 5, 2017

@andorman hence the cameraguy to the right @ 3:31

Anonymous +1 Point November 5, 2017

@andorman nope. Not real homemade. It was made to look that way. Tori Black, the pornstar in the video, had a long time black boyfriend who she has gotten married to and has a child with. That's why she doesn't do porn anymore


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