Playful Teen Sneaks Into Boyfriend's Bedroom

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Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2010

Her name is Jessica Carrboro. I've seen her on ebanned... someone link her other vids

fd +0 Points March 6, 2010


shani +0 Points March 6, 2010


'scuse me +0 Points March 4, 2010

but does anybody have a name on that chair? there has to be more clips of it out there, its just too sexy..

Excentryck +0 Points March 1, 2010

Hey guys,any more videos with this girl? PLEASE,if somebody knows,share with me! thanks...

lol... +0 Points March 1, 2010

i had to go back just to look at the was pretty nice.

super cute +0 Points February 28, 2010

that chick is super cute. I saw another video with her and I am hoping to see more. HOT ass and Sexy Feet.

hell yeah +0 Points February 27, 2010

the things i could do with that chair

I want to see a tour of the house +0 Points February 27, 2010

See how else this man decorates. And yes she fuckign fills the damn screen up so I cant see how he decorates half the time. Movie bitch.

... +0 Points February 26, 2010

man fuck this guy and his chair...this bitch is bad and he cant fuck for longer than two minutes...fuck im pissed

G +0 Points February 26, 2010

yo thats some nice decorations on the wall, too bad some bitch got in the way during half the video, couldn't hardly see it!

Ca$eY +0 Points February 26, 2010

Yo thats one hot ass... hot ass computer chair... LMFAO... You wanna know why they talk about the computer chair cause this girl ain't nothing but another hoe.

Ben +0 Points February 26, 2010

I'll have to agree, i noticed the computer chair as well. I wonder where he got a chair like that.

John +0 Points February 26, 2010

Computer chair what computer chair? Damn it all to hell I'm going to have to reply the video.

John +0 Points February 26, 2010

dude leaves his black socks on while fucking. like an old man does. T little tart was hot. So sad we didn't get a good shoot of her pussy or her titties a swinging

seriously +0 Points February 26, 2010

who is this chick she has like 3 videos out. shes smoking hot and the kid is a chump

tyler durden +0 Points February 26, 2010

wow a whopping 35 seconds of sex before he blew his wad. he better get some better skills if he wants to keep pussy like that around

kerk +0 Points February 26, 2010


john +0 Points February 26, 2010

best .nice.

rofl +0 Points February 26, 2010

"you are totally filling me up, its like...amazing"

best line ever

lawl +0 Points February 26, 2010

Well that was almost two minutes... I can tell that hoe needs a lot longer than that.

Call a decorator +0 Points February 26, 2010

That paint scheme is horrendous. He needs to rethink the colors a bit. Also ditch the black furniture. It reminds me of a funeral parlor.

5 min? +0 Points February 26, 2010

this guy should be ashamed!!!


White People . . . +0 Points February 26, 2010

This is sad if your girl can talk to you while ur having sex your not doing your job sad sad white ppl

ass 2 ass +0 Points February 26, 2010

I like this girl.


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