Pedestrians Don't Want Girl's Crotch Filmed

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LOL +0 Points August 28, 2010

Your mad at him Video taping? Why is she in the middle of the fucking sidewalk in the shortest shorts possible? Shes in public. Not like theres no open gyms at 12 in the afternoon.

yep +0 Points August 28, 2010

he has the right to film, but ppl have he right to stand in front of him too

tit +0 Points August 27, 2010

if she wants too bend around like that whats she expect

hahah +0 Points August 27, 2010

it would be crazy to see that camera guy get his ass kicked in his point of view

fuck that asshole +0 Points August 26, 2010

I would have loved to see the camera guy get his ass beat. I don't think I've ever seen a first person pov ass beating video.

sdcvx +0 Points August 26, 2010

why the fucking hell was she doing that shit in the middle of new york city anyways? fucking stupid fuck attention whore. She was asking for it

Nice! +0 Points August 26, 2010

The girl looks like a young Bar Rafaeli... I'd hit it!

damn +0 Points August 26, 2010

what the fuck did she think would happen? Of course fuck faces are going to film her and they have every right too. If you don't want to be filmed don't spread your ass in public with short shorts. I want to fuck the other girl holding the black thin

brooklyngod +0 Points August 26, 2010

"oh si"

Brooklyn Gods Mom +0 Points August 26, 2010

I think I can see that faggot brooklyngod in the back.

Joey Boots +0 Points August 26, 2010

I only have one cool video on my website and you just saw it. As you can tell I am a fat homo that never gets laid.

Mister Rogers +0 Points August 26, 2010

Joey Boots you rule. I love her pulling her shorts out of her pussy....pussy wedgie hahaha!


You have some awesome videos on your youtube channel bro!

Goober, Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Uranus +0 Points August 26, 2010

Goober? WTF??

Goober +0 Points August 26, 2010

Goob Goob

IM 17!!!!

fish +0 Points August 26, 2010

seriously stupid girl in mini shorts spreading her legs in public thinks no one will want to see? lmao, i would of fucked that white boy biker up

goober +0 Points August 26, 2010

quit pulling ur shorts down ur pussy is obviously hungry

meee +0 Points August 26, 2010

pervert or not, that is a public place, you choose to do a photoshoot of a girl in tight short shorts in public, expect some company.

umm +0 Points August 26, 2010

lol the dude got busted being a pervert

i woulda +0 Points August 26, 2010

decked the cunt camera fuck

lol, i love this guy. +0 Points August 26, 2010

hahaha. I would so fallow them and video tape them some more.

Noob +0 Points August 26, 2010


MacGyver Von Beerstein +0 Points August 26, 2010

see ya goober

Toro +0 Points August 26, 2010

Nice tight ass.

haha +0 Points August 26, 2010



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