Old Man Steps Up To Fight At U.S. Open

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ha idiots +0 Points September 7, 2010

fighting over nosebleed?

chuck +0 Points September 7, 2010

fucken new yorkers

Seen it +0 Points September 4, 2010

This video is missing the beginning where the old lady slapped him hard and the young guy did nothing. If I was the young guy I'd slap the shit out of old man for letting his dog off the leash

Fuking fags +0 Points September 4, 2010

Go onnnn old man, he had more balls than that theatrical fag acting big to an old lady. i would have knocked his punk ass out.....

Assmaster +0 Points September 4, 2010

The guy behind the camera should be the one getting his ass kicked. What a fag

FairPlay +0 Points September 4, 2010

The young guy may have been a jerk but the old man started the violence. You start violence and you might get hurt. Being old and stupid is no defense. Keep your hands to yourself!

milk +0 Points September 4, 2010

tool behind the camera

Hopefully +0 Points September 4, 2010

That old bastard stroked out...moron

toocool +0 Points September 4, 2010

young guy was using foul language

Noob +1 Point September 4, 2010

Nosebleed seats. What's the point in watching tennis from that crappy view.

ATSViper +0 Points September 4, 2010

Wonder what they were fighting about?


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