Old Man From Bus Fight Gets Tazed By Police

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random +0 Points February 20, 2010

the old dude from the bus then went to the baseball game? someone write a book about this! jp

brooklyngod +0 Points February 18, 2010

it is what it is. oh si

Mack +0 Points February 18, 2010

every one just sit there watch your game and go back to sleep and when your turn comes i hope all sit and watch lol ahole

RE: Foo +0 Points February 18, 2010

Foo, you said it!

You yell "fuckin pig, get him" after a cop does somethin pussy like that you just might have more help than expected!

a +0 Points February 18, 2010

they have to taze him becouse if they ruff him up they call it excesive force learn why they do things or shut the fuck up

u realize +0 Points February 18, 2010

that these cops are almost the same as rent a cops, rookie dumbasses. America is great because we can own guns

AMERICAN SCUM +0 Points February 18, 2010

A retard nation in love with casual violence against it's citizens.

Doc56 +0 Points February 18, 2010

I don't care the bus fight should be a all time classic in Gangsta Failure "Give em Hell ol Man"

mmmm +0 Points February 18, 2010

its called crowed control nooblet what happens if only one cop was there and say any of the 100+ people right there try to help the old man....saftey in numbers sadly nigs have learned the same thing

BULLSHIT +0 Points February 18, 2010

Not even the same old man. This was some old drunk, the other guy was Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino for real!

MMM +0 Points February 18, 2010

USA cops are pussyes, 5 cops plus tazer vs 1 old man

who cares +0 Points February 18, 2010

he was probably being an asshole

lol +0 Points February 18, 2010

"you better get away" haha he said that like a million times

yoyo +0 Points February 18, 2010

Cops are worse than the black people. Tazers are not meant to make you obey.

Billy +0 Points February 18, 2010

LOL...just another day as cops take out the trash.

foo +0 Points February 18, 2010

pig is a pig....time to unite, we got the numbers!

... +0 Points February 18, 2010

i dont think you are suppose to taser old people

oh Si +0 Points February 18, 2010


dafucc +0 Points February 18, 2010

He probably didnt even do anything security are that stadium are dicks I got kicked out for jumping over a seat.


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