Obese Cop Totally Fails A Performance Test

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Pharmd277 +0 Points January 5, 2011

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Pharmb815 +0 Points January 5, 2011

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Pharme495 +0 Points December 24, 2010

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wow +0 Points June 19, 2009

i've never seen such a fat cop. i'm surprised he hasn't been killed on duty.

Is it just me +0 Points June 15, 2009

or does this guy look like Chris Farley?

random +0 Points June 15, 2009

This guy could only arrest you if you were running downhill.. he would be great rolling down a staircase, or a hill... he would roll right over you.

Silencer1977 +0 Points June 15, 2009

Why wasnt he put on a diet along time ago. thats just out of control. If we were on foot and he was trying to catch me I could run circles around him.

yoyo +0 Points June 14, 2009

He's drinking diet pepsi. How about drinking water instead.

ZZt +0 Points June 14, 2009

You fat fuck. Go and join the rest of fat America.

"BIG story" +0 Points June 14, 2009

haha, got that right...

what +0 Points June 14, 2009

they should have put some donuts on course i bet he'd would be able 2 pick them up now lets get rid of all the fatass cops

Predictable joke guy +0 Points June 14, 2009

Looks like he ate too many donuts on duty.....AAHAHAHAHA at myself.

fucking serious? +0 Points June 14, 2009

i know how to spell chief, i purposely put it exactly the way the idiot who thought flanders was the police cheif put it

wtf +0 Points June 13, 2009

why are you all spelling chief like cheif? are you retarded?

and whoever said flanders was the name should eat a dick and choke.

Chuck +0 Points June 13, 2009

One word: Meridia.

someone +0 Points June 13, 2009

Looks like Nebraska is catching up with the world.

Kapn no-duh +0 Points June 13, 2009

Obese Cop is O/b/ese

clark +0 Points June 13, 2009

its cheif wiggum,they shouldnt have fired that fat fuck,they let him get that way,they could have done somthin sooner,give the guy a year (no pay)and give him a chance to lose weight

ZORG +0 Points June 13, 2009

At first I thought this vid was a joke thinking it was Don Vito...I'll let a cop like that try to arrest me all day long, one swift action makes them want a nap.

Officer Ricky +0 Points June 13, 2009

Fat Pig

Bet His Fat Ass Would Move Fast

If He Saw A Box Of JellyDoughnuts Layin Around

fuckig serious? +0 Points June 13, 2009

did you really just say cheif flanders?

Doubtndude +0 Points June 13, 2009

Make him a deal "you pass a tread mill stress test and your hired" hes a prime example of high blood pressure heart attack victim . Ok was it me or did he look like the cop from the Simpsons Cheif Flanders ?

geez! +0 Points June 13, 2009

He was dieting and losing weight? How fat was this guy? DAMN!!!

hrm +0 Points June 13, 2009

i agree with his firing. Can you imagine if this fatass had to "run down" a suspect? he is unfit for duty!!

so.. +0 Points June 13, 2009

the guy's been working there but they got in a dispute that wasn't mentioned and no one likes the fat guy and want him out?


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