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User Comments (113)

I hate niggers @ 07/31/06 12:16PM
Stupid ass niggers, learn how to keep your legs closed
MOFO @ 07/30/06 05:48AM
Boo @ 07/27/06 01:00AM
I do not think so. The negro race has and will always continue to kiss the White Man's ass because niggers are too primitive to do anything.
malla @ 07/26/06 06:06PM
all you white racists can kiss my black ass!
Boo @ 07/26/06 01:47AM
The main reason why White people where able to take the new land was because of our superiority.
Boo @ 07/26/06 01:46AM
not English dip-shits.
Boo @ 07/26/06 01:45AM
No dumb-asses America is just not a name. It is a country that was created by White people. If Europeans immigrated to the new land instead of colonizing the new land then we would be speaking Indian
GT @ 07/25/06 08:40AM
Hey Moh-whatever @ 07/24/06 07:44PM
You do realise religion was created to keep the weak in line. There was no other way to keep the pesants paying their dues when their lives were filled with the plague n' shit.
regular person @ 07/24/06 12:41AM
I wonder who this BOO person is in real life? Whoever it is must be a pathetic pile of shit !
gsr @ 07/22/06 09:59PM
-fair, right??
dawda @ 07/22/06 09:58PM
-ment that may happen to be surrounded and watch by people with rifles and if you refuse to take the offer and give up ur house of if you try and leave it we'll kill you. Well you can't say I'm not be
eafaea @ 07/22/06 09:58PM
You know what, I think I'm just gonna go to ur house right now and just colonize. Yeh, do what those english pos did to the indians. Just colonize. But don't worry, I'll build you a nice little settle
hdhdthsd @ 07/22/06 09:47PM
They didn't colonize. They stole, lied, and murdered to take this land from it's owners. Colonists? If they're colonists I'm ur fukn dad. And trust me, I wouldn't want a pos like you.
wdawdada @ 07/22/06 09:41PM
-mily move to america tomorrow, would they be colonizing? Colonizing a new land? No, you moron. And maybe you should use ur own words rather than copy and pasting somebody elses stupid.
adsdada @ 07/22/06 09:40PM
-ow what I'm saying. Get it? And no matter if I called it the 13 colonies or america, the fact is, moving into a land that belonged to other people is called immagration. How about an entire french fa
stay in school moron @ 07/22/06 09:39PM
God ur a fucking idiot. America is a fukn name. We're talking about the fukn land that belonged to the native indians and I chose the word america cause like I said, so that ur retarded ass could foll
get off me white man @ 07/21/06 04:21PM
who wants Maury Povich to hug them? certainly not me
Zaphod @ 07/21/06 11:38AM
You´re all idiots...... Get a life...
Boo @ 07/20/06 10:39PM
-tates, thereby establishing the United States of America.
Boo @ 07/20/06 10:38PM
CAN YOU COMPREHEND WHAT THE WORD COLONIST/COLONY MEAN. Again you can not immigrate to a country that is not there to begin with. Please continue because I actually enjoy making you look stupid.
Boo @ 07/20/06 10:36PM
The Thirteen Colonies were thirteen British colonies in North America, separately chartered and governed, that rebelled, signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 becoming independent sovereign s
Boo @ 07/20/06 10:36PM
Why do you think before America was created they called them the 13 British COLONIES Einstein?
wtf @ 07/20/06 10:05PM
here's the most important question...WHO THE FUCK WOULD FUCK THAT UGLY ASS BITCH!?
dipshit @ 07/20/06 09:36PM
-become sovereign individuals and a revolution was started, dipshit. Can you count to ten or would you get lost?
dipshit @ 07/20/06 09:36PM
I didn't say immagration was an act of defiance you idiot. Going to war was. And I think I'll stick with defiance since that's what they did to the king. They defied his laws because they wanted to be
Bill Cosby @ 07/20/06 06:01PM
That is one lucky mother fuckermerazzle tazzle
Born Again @ 07/20/06 04:44PM
you are not really muslim mohammed you are probably some jew boy talking shit.
Boo @ 07/20/06 04:26PM
Hey dumb-fuck the word you are looking for is rebellion / revolution (Since that is what early Europeans did), or are those just another word for immigrants.
Boo @ 07/20/06 04:08PM
The only reason I can think of as to why you would do such a thing is so you can justify your own nigger loving minority cock-sucking point of views.
Boo @ 07/20/06 04:08PM
Immigration is not an act of defiance and separation dip-shit. How can you take a simple English word that already has a definition and then make up your own definition for that word.
Boo @ 07/20/06 04:08PM
Wow you are beyond the word stupid. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
total dipshit @ 07/20/06 02:01PM
arguement? I suppose ur dumbass would call the colonizing,right?
total dipshit @ 07/20/06 02:01PM
"Also how Europeans gained land from the savage Indians was no different than what niggers, gooks, and savages have been doing to each other for thousands of years." What does that have to do with the
dipshit @ 07/20/06 01:58PM
-ountry? Yeh, that's immagration and an act of defiance and seperation kid. The only thing different is the word group rather than individials and therefore they are immagrants.
dipshit @ 07/20/06 01:57PM
1. New land = a place with no humans. 2. I chose the word america so that ur retarded ass could follow what I'm saying. Colonizing on a land that was already some1 elses? Going to war with their own c
yusuf @ 07/20/06 11:51AM
hey, mohammed. you only make them hate you more. why dont you try another way to convince them. a nice and beautiful way (like american did to all countries hehehe...)
Uncle Sam @ 07/20/06 10:55AM
Fuck Allah and Mohammed
Is that you out there @ 07/20/06 10:04AM
You're exactly right, vdubb. That ignorant asshole has said all of the magic words. If he/she thinks they won't be looked at, he's stupid, too.
Fuck Israel @ 07/20/06 09:00AM
Zionist pigs
la verga loka @ 07/20/06 07:40AM
hijos de su pinche madre pinches negros askerosos monkeys jajajaja buajaja jajaj
vdubb @ 07/20/06 07:18AM
Hey mohammed, you might want to shut your ignorant, 12 yr old, ohio ass up. Heard of the patriot act? You just left your electronic fingerprint you dumb fuck. Tell the FBI i said hi.
yeah @ 07/20/06 03:08AM
Classy people.
Boo @ 07/20/06 02:05AM
If you think colonizing a new territory and then creating a country is the same as immigrating to a country then you are truly a ignorant turd.
Boo @ 07/20/06 01:59AM
Also how Europeans gained land from the savage Indians was no different than what niggers, gooks, and savages have been doing to each other for thousands of years. Do I need to give you a history les
Boo @ 07/20/06 01:56AM
How can early Europeans immigrate to America when America was not even created yet moron Please explain that one to me genius.
Q: whats the most confusi @ 07/20/06 01:14AM
A: fathers day
waka @ 07/20/06 01:04AM
Is that you out there @ 07/20/06 12:39AM
You are clueless and aptly named.
dipshit @ 07/19/06 10:43PM
-enation and individuals that wanted nothing to do with europe hense the war and battles. So again, ur a moron.
dipshit @ 07/19/06 10:42PM
And I think the early americans fall into the "immagrants" catagory absolutely. Since america wasn't new territory and was infact the native indians land and since americans wanted to be both a sovere
dipshit @ 07/19/06 10:36PM
Something they couldn't have so they ran their asses over here and lied and cheated the indians out of their land.
dipshit @ 07/19/06 10:35PM
Lmao stfu boo, I said "basically" and before you go looking for definitions why don't you read up on ur american history. Apparently the americans wanted a sovereign nation with sovereign individuals.
Farquat @ 07/19/06 10:03PM
Congratulations to the negro fella. He looked quite ecstatic at the result.
stupid niggers @ 07/19/06 09:23PM
God what a fucking slut. Oh well, what more do you expect from a dirty spook anyway?
Boo @ 07/19/06 09:04PM
If you are not of European decent it is time for the filth to leave America. This country was not created for you. It was created by Whites for Whites. Understand mud people?
Boo @ 07/19/06 09:00PM
Immigrant: a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence
Boo @ 07/19/06 09:00PM
Colonist: : a body of people living in a new territory but retaining ties with the parent state.
Whiteman @ 07/19/06 08:59PM
Can someone put english subtitles on it. I dont understand nigga talk
Boo @ 07/19/06 08:59PM
LMAO...No colonist and immigrant are not the same you retard nigger loving homosexual. Know I understand why nigger lovers are not the smartest people in the world.
..'.. @ 07/19/06 08:42PM
White man has destroyed more since they arrived here than anyone else did for 30,000 years. A very sad legacy the white people are leaving, very pathetically sad.
..'.. @ 07/19/06 08:34PM
Oh and by the way, scientific studys found out that asians found america b4 columbus did but we did give a shit. Do some research if you'd like.
moron @ 07/19/06 08:31PM
LOlOL colonist and immigrants. Same fukn shit basicaly. The land belonged to the the native indians(period). Everyone that's not a native indian gtfo how about that. see yah.
whore @ 07/19/06 08:24PM
Can you count to 20
C. Felix @ 07/19/06 07:51PM
Women can get pregnant, what? Maybe for 10 days? MAYBE! 8 days usually. 12 guys in 8 days. I guess if you'd fuck that, you wouldn't feel anything...too damn loose!
boo is a living abortion @ 07/19/06 07:39PM
Kill yourself now ya' dumb hick. The "N" word flows out of your mouth as well as the cum flows out of your moms mouth after some gang banger just jerked off in that hole she speak out of. Oh so boring
Gang Bangers @ 07/19/06 06:46PM
She be a good cum recaptcle, but can't member.
omgman @ 07/19/06 06:16PM
haha dumb woman!
right @ 07/19/06 05:56PM
Amen Boo.
Boo @ 07/19/06 05:37PM
I guess there will always be nigger lovers in Europe and America. These people need to be deported to africa where they can see first hand what the nigger race is capable of.
Boo @ 07/19/06 05:36PM
All Americans are not immigrants fuck-tard (Innocent). I guess your 2nd grade education did not teach you the difference between colonist and immigrant dumb-ass.
yep @ 07/19/06 05:28PM
At the end she goes, "Mario told me this was mine..." THIS is the REAL "African Americans" for you. All these nigger bitches have 13, 14, 15 guys they're fucking. I'm glad he wasn't the father to s
Uncle Sam @ 07/19/06 04:43PM
Kill Mohammed
Innocent @ 07/19/06 04:14PM
Damn racists! In essence, all Americans are immigrants except the natives. Most so called "real Americans" ran away from Europe because they were the scum of Europe!
haha @ 07/19/06 03:52PM
stupid apes. where's blackboy now? flaming white people but not saying a damn thing here
Pathetic @ 07/19/06 01:58PM
Racists are like roaches, you can never ger rid of them all.. Noone likes them but they're just too dumb to notice.
quadphonics @ 07/19/06 01:33PM
fuck alll you racist no-mind american fuktards u all need to DIE
... @ 07/19/06 01:31PM
its funny all you blacks have to talk about is your penis size, acting like it gives you an education or a good life, the only white girls u get are the fat hood rats and desiesed bitches
game @ 07/19/06 01:30PM
The Dude @ 07/19/06 01:15PM
We were brought 2 Amer as equipment and we are still useing it on the other hand yours is so small and limp you can't use yours.the white grils are coming our way.use that lit dick boy.
Is that you out there @ 07/19/06 01:14PM
Maybe you are the father, asshole.
Super brit @ 07/19/06 11:51AM
serves that stupid ass bitch right!!!!!!!! she was so convinced he was the dad, i hope the kid turns on her and chokes her in her sleep
Boo @ 07/19/06 11:44AM
Lets get it straight people. Nigger blacks are not Americans! They where brought over as farm equipment and not as citizens.
Sigh @ 07/19/06 10:46AM
YYESSS!! Justice has been done on that fucking whore !
Enigma_UK @ 07/19/06 10:43AM
Mohamed... enough hatred!!! Act as what your religion says!!! Stupid fuck!!!
stupid bitch @ 07/19/06 09:31AM
why was she crying? shouldnt she be happy if its over? wtf
uh @ 07/19/06 09:28AM
it was great television
uh @ 07/19/06 09:27AM
watched boondocks last night, and martin luther king jr. came back from the dead, and railed against all the stupid niggers that were running around
Racist Robert @ 07/19/06 08:58AM
Ice @ 07/19/06 08:12AM
SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!! Bitch...
mohan @ 07/19/06 08:07AM
Mohammed.It's comments like that that which incite racial tension. Your comment has no justification to the content of the clip.As a muslim i find your comment irresponsible and offensive.I love all r
Hmm @ 07/19/06 07:56AM
It's sads how black people are entertainment like this. It's either they're fitting into this stereotype or need to wear condoms 24/7
Wisconsin Rules @ 07/19/06 07:42AM
omg! you talk about 13 lbs of salt on your shoulders. its hard to see but when he says not the father the dude fell right out of his chair
Bitch @ 07/19/06 07:38AM
That bitch got owned. LMAO when I heared that it was not his kid.
hahahahahahhah @ 07/19/06 07:17AM
im british an i gotta say it...i love you yanks, hahah always make me laugh!!!!
SignalSeven⢠@ 07/19/06 06:58AM
Black people crack me up
Jew @ 07/19/06 06:53AM
Will bomb all of your shit
Landen @ 07/19/06 04:10AM
I have a sudden urge to play Donkey Kong
ig @ 07/19/06 03:23AM
stupid bitch, fucks like a 100 guys then blames it on the one thats closest to her......damn bitch
dasdsa @ 07/19/06 03:21AM
so who gives a shti if he lives with his mom ?
Plissken @ 07/19/06 02:34AM
That is the purest example of the word, "vindication".
Danny @ 07/19/06 02:01AM
If that is the 11th guy, then there has to be atleast 12. Which means she probably has ghonnasphilaids.
damn Ho @ 07/19/06 01:52AM
she a damn ho, haha stupid biatch
thenamelessone @ 07/19/06 01:01AM
ha..check out when he says "you are not..." He fies out of his chair backwards.. litterally... ha
sloppy 2nds @ 07/19/06 12:57AM
sloppy 2nds @ 07/19/06 12:57AM
sloppy 2nds @ 07/19/06 12:57AM
sloppy 2nds @ 07/19/06 12:57AM
sloppy 2nds @ 07/19/06 12:57AM
sloppy 2nds @ 07/19/06 12:57AM
sloppy 2nds @ 07/19/06 12:57AM
outlaw @ 07/19/06 12:20AM
dam whata fuckin slut...
SHITFUCK @ 07/19/06 12:04AM