Naive Little Girl Convinced To Fuck Interviewer

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justice +0 Points June 24, 2013

i'd love to punch this fat old fuck in his head

Heh +0 Points December 15, 2009

Give them civilization and they act like monkeys. Give them freedom and they fill the jails.

jamal +0 Points December 15, 2009

im a nig and smell like chicken

WTH +0 Points December 15, 2009

This is Fake ? How a girl can do that without to be sure she got the job lol! I Should wrote more often in journal

damn +0 Points December 15, 2009 in a Rescission is not so bad!

meh +0 Points December 15, 2009

i seen this shit a while ago on red tube

me +0 Points December 15, 2009

omg who is she she is the hottest thing I have ever seen! Where did this come from?


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