MUST SEE: Old Man Beats Black Thug Bloody

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hahaha +0 Points October 21, 2010


M&M's +0 Points February 27, 2010

I had to watch it 3 times to figure out what he was talking about.. I thought he said "Bring M&M's" it's like "Foo u ain't got no teef to eat yo M&M's"

yo's right +0 Points February 24, 2010

That girl in the purple skirt - hot!

Win! +0 Points February 21, 2010

Wow this video kicks ass lmao! 65 year old viking whooped yo ass darnell what happened?? I thought you was hard man. Hahahahaha epic beatdown fuckers

Bitch Boy +0 Points February 20, 2010


rz +0 Points February 19, 2010

hahahahha niger got smashed good on the old boi

Dom +0 Points February 18, 2010


Dumb Coon-0

haa +0 Points February 18, 2010

lol at that old black lady

"beat his white ass"

DAN +0 Points February 18, 2010

those fuckin chimp bitches in the back kept eggin him on,ol pinky turned nigga into reddy

Moral of the video. . . +0 Points February 18, 2010

At the end the bus sign clearly reads the moral of the video. . ."clean & safe." Gramps got away. . ."clean & safe," after beating that bamboon ass! LMAO!

LOOOOL +0 Points February 18, 2010

NIGGA GOT PWNED! the only thing missing was the old guy to t-bag his ass at the end ROFL

Loco +0 Points February 18, 2010

That was fucken AWESOME!!!

Mc +0 Points February 18, 2010

little fuck had it coming 4sure A1

cant we all +0 Points February 18, 2010

Just get along? Ha Ha, Pops jabs were awesome, love to see him take out Iron Mike. Fuckaniggaup!

YES! +0 Points February 18, 2010


GG +0 Points February 18, 2010

"Beat his white ass!" LMAO fuckin punk ass bitch gets owned by a 67 y/o gotta love it! All talk

yeah right +0 Points February 18, 2010

Let's play "Pick Out the Real Racists"

jkfdlakj +0 Points February 18, 2010

"We can press charge, I got it on tape" roflll "call Ambulands" roflflll.

MMM +0 Points February 18, 2010

Ha-ha dont fuck with grand pa

more like +0 Points February 18, 2010

amu lam bps

ha ha ha +0 Points February 18, 2010

where my ambu lamps? Gets meez and ambu lamps. Good lordz, anyone catch the fat bitch eating watermelon from the bag

ambalance +0 Points February 17, 2010

bring it

the ambalance

... +0 Points February 17, 2010

best video i have ever seen...i hope that bus wrecks off a bridge after the old man got off.

im a walrus +0 Points February 17, 2010

i type with my flippers

OCJ +0 Points February 17, 2010

There is a part two on YouTube! There's also a separate video of the old guy (Name: Thomas Bruso) getting tased by police at an A's game! crazy shit!!!


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