Monstrous College Kid Beats Annoying Roommate

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Chicharo +0 Points March 10, 2010

that guy was scare , the other guy may hit harder but he was going to get tired faster, bull shit.

fake fight +0 Points March 7, 2010

get out of here... with this bullshit.

damn +0 Points March 5, 2010

Little dude needed to bob and weave, float like a butterfly and wear that fat fuck out! Then push the fat fuck and head stomp him. Little dude had no game plan.

south parks fat abbot +0 Points March 5, 2010

you dope fiend blasphamous bitch ill bust a cap in your ass

random +0 Points March 5, 2010

what is this for...government housing~ ohhhh! Random 1 - Government housing 0!

number 14 +0 Points March 4, 2010

y'all some funny motherfuckers on these threads. dude talking about his rack and the other talking about that room must stink. fucken hilarious!!!

brooklyngod +0 Points March 4, 2010

it is what it is. oh si

Albert +0 Points March 4, 2010

hey .. hey .. hey

meat +0 Points March 4, 2010

hmm yes i was kinda liking that rack ....

Fat man arms +0 Points March 4, 2010

He isnt swinging fast but im sure his punches or not weak.

Ed +0 Points March 4, 2010

out of breath after like 15


Noise +0 Points March 4, 2010

He wasn't really hitting him that hard, his punches seemed more effective cus he was making silly noises. A few good shots to the fatty's head and u could push him over, then take delight in kicking him in the belly

ape +0 Points March 4, 2010

that room probably stinks

irlend +0 Points March 4, 2010

He looks like an English sheep-shagger

lol +0 Points March 4, 2010

he does look like the kool aid man haha

umm +0 Points March 4, 2010


Doc56 +0 Points March 4, 2010

What he do eat the last doughnut, Damn I didn't know Fat Albert was real

foo +0 Points March 4, 2010

why wouldn't he just push the fat fuck, a simple push would knock him to the ground cuz he surely has horrible balance and once he's down he wont get back up.

mike ock +0 Points March 4, 2010

wild body shots

fatty red man +0 Points March 4, 2010

hahahhaha Big S... Maybe you need to tell him to quit hitting Mcdonalds up 8x a day and work out those man tits

pfft +0 Points March 4, 2010

All you white peeple better not make this a raceist issue.

Big S +0 Points March 4, 2010

Why must my race behave in such a way?

fatty red man +0 Points March 4, 2010

hahahahahahhah i think he squashed him against the wall. Sounded like a gorilla when he was slapping the guy in the blue shirt haha


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