Mom Forces Daughter To Fight Then Beats Other Girl Herself

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Diana Rios +0 Points January 11, 2009



good luck

Eve Cummings +0 Points January 9, 2009



good luck

tth +0 Points October 20, 2008

red neck bitches!

Malcom X +0 Points October 20, 2008

Cracker ass crackaaaa!

sugar coated anal beads +0 Points October 19, 2008

yah if my daughter was the one who got slapped i woulda went and stomped her daddy and would see if that fat bitch would jump in and if she did i would droped kick her fatass

hmmm +0 Points October 19, 2008

i would love to have ruff sex with the girl on top then fuck the one that got her ass kicked in the ass and THEN cum on the mothers face

All she did was break up the fight. +0 Points October 19, 2008

Hahah, how many times are they going to show the girl in the black shirt getting her ass whooped by the girl on top?

pete +0 Points October 19, 2008

tth your comment was a little contradicting wasnt it? their is no hope for our young people. just look and see what we have left for them.

Ha Ha +0 Points October 19, 2008

I've jacked it like 3x to this video this morning. HOT stuff!

tth +0 Points October 19, 2008

if i was the other girls parent ,i would go find that fat bitch, and beat the shit out of her and her daughter. that fat cunt acted like a damn animal. she shouldn't have brought her daughter their to fight in the first place...the dumn cunt!

Fat White Trash +0 Points October 19, 2008

Should have driven her to karate class first. She got owned.


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