MMA Pro Wrecks Wife Beater In The Street

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shame +0 Points December 6, 2013

agree with the comment below

0lves +0 Points July 21, 2011

what a worthless video. cant see shit.

chuck +0 Points August 12, 2010

thats what she said

lilzook +0 Points August 9, 2010

video is to small

haha +0 Points August 6, 2010

thats y me n my boys all carry knives, slaughter those who want to start shiet

brooklyngod +0 Points August 5, 2010

blah. oh si

roger +0 Points August 5, 2010

deny deny deny. hope roger doesnt get any kind of ban or suspension for any dumb ol' reason

888528 +0 Points August 5, 2010


guy who hit girl +0 Points August 5, 2010


It is Roger +0 Points August 5, 2010

The tattoo matches perfectly! Left arm half sleeve. You cant see shit else after he takes his shirt off!

MMAFAN +0 Points August 5, 2010

It's not Roger, that was confirmed yesterday but people are a little slow to catch on. Tattoo's don't match up.

hahhahahhahaha +0 Points August 5, 2010

cracker whooped your cotton pickin ass!!!! dumb NIG

huh +0 Points August 5, 2010

What the fuck did i just watch. I didn't see a single punch. All I saw were cars and red arrows and circles. If your video is this bad, don't post it online.

laryy +0 Points August 5, 2010

narrow-screen video are on the rise!!!

darwin +0 Points August 5, 2010

Even with all the arrows, it's useless.

010101 +0 Points August 5, 2010

a little K1 technique from a UFC fighter. the tmz version is 10x better quality

UFC 118 +0 Points August 5, 2010

Huerta vs "That Guy"

...on PPV!!!

ha ha +0 Points August 5, 2010

rofl at that guy probably thinking "who's that little cunt i'm gonna kick his ass" and next thing he remembers is eating concret

WTF +0 Points August 5, 2010

What was the fucking point of showing that shit?

.. +0 Points August 5, 2010

the video quality is bad. Go to TMZ website to see the better version

Noob +0 Points August 5, 2010

The only thing I saw was a woman get knocked the fuck out. The rest was shitty recording of madness.

svitax +0 Points August 5, 2010

bullshit video


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