Missed Pinata Swing Headshots Stupid Girl

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Liam +0 Points October 24, 2010

"oh shit" lol

bLacacideviL +0 Points October 23, 2010

Stupid white people should stick to Potato Racing.

indy500 +0 Points October 23, 2010

BOOM: Headshot

N +0 Points October 23, 2010

How everyone just stands around like, "What the fuck just happened?" Or maybe they were, "Dang, that bitch got her noggin' rung!"

darwin +0 Points October 23, 2010

You sure he missed?

smart guy +0 Points October 23, 2010

Ever notice that redneck parties always have that one guy chugging beer with his arm in a sling?

cmon +0 Points October 23, 2010

stupid americans stick to your own culture oh wait thats right u dont have one lol

Curious +0 Points October 23, 2010

Could not have gone any better - perfect way to shut that bitch up


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