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testicle_spatula +0 Points September 6, 2010

(cont') commit more crime and I would think they were a bunch of lawless, brazen assholes rather than just a dipshit trying to make people laugh.

testicle_spatula +0 Points September 6, 2010

latino302, you fuck off. Geek made a good point. I thought this guy was an ass already, but if I witnessed any of this going down in real life and it was black guys doing it?... Um, hate to say it, but it would seem even worse. Why? Because black people c

@latino302 +0 Points September 1, 2010

Get your ass to planting my trees. Imagine if it was your mom they did this shit to?

latino302 +0 Points September 1, 2010

who cares if its fake its funny people. fuck grow a sense of humor haha who in here has the balls to do what this guy is doing and getting paid to do this shit from some network he is making money. now thats a job lol

latino302 +0 Points September 1, 2010

geek fuck off with the race card it was funny shit and this guy has the balls the size of cannonballs good stuff hahah

Geek +0 Points August 31, 2010

It was okay. But imagine..... if it was black kids doing this stuff?

kinda +0 Points August 31, 2010

funny... except the last part looks fake

jj +0 Points August 31, 2010

it wasnt that funny tbh

speilburg +0 Points August 31, 2010

all set up and fake as your moms tits,stupid waste of time,that dude would had gotten his ass beaten a few times

,, +0 Points August 31, 2010

If it happened to me or near me it would be his last movie clip before a sudden and savage death

bazookagio +0 Points August 31, 2010

you think they're setups because of the laugh track?! ridiculous! I suppose that America's Funniest, Candid Camera, Lente Loco, and other such shows were all "setups", too? The laugh track is ADDED to footage, not recorded or timed. Hardly fake. If you're gonna troll, do it right.

laryy +0 Points August 31, 2010

time to say it - FAKE

darwin +0 Points August 31, 2010

Do any of you hear the laugh track and realize these are ALL set ups?

... +0 Points August 31, 2010

Funny but some of them looked like set ups

ATSViper +0 Points August 31, 2010

The last one was pretty funny

superman +0 Points August 31, 2010

that was actually pretty funny

tiii +0 Points August 31, 2010

he deserves to be shot in the balls

Noob +0 Points August 31, 2010

This was fucking epic!


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