Imagine getting a video like this from your teacher


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Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018

Nice bobs

your saviour +0 Points February 13, 2018

amber hahn

Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018

imagine being her neighbour and hearing that shit all day long xd

Archie +0 Points February 13, 2018

Guess her attendance rates are dropping, so she will try anything to make her students cum

Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018

Amber Han

Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018


Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018

I want to make her pregnant

Mr. Jones +0 Points February 13, 2018

Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018

Every single one of these whores that make premium videos always seem to live in an area where you hear cop sirens over the whore for a majority of the video. What’s wrong whores? Don’t make enough money to move out of those sanctuary cities?

Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018

You sound like a fucking retard talking about sanctuary cities like that. @Anonymous

Ice +0 Points February 13, 2018

@Anonymous libtard, don’t cry you’ll be able to write to all your illegal friends when their asses are deported back to where they belong

basil +0 Points February 14, 2018

@Ice She looks & sounds "home-grown" to me so where is she going to be deported to? The only thing illegal is her ice addiction (& Trump's business deals with the Russians).

Anonymous +0 Points February 13, 2018

@Anonymous Perhaps she's near a school or theater? Lol


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