Man's Ultra Fast Reflexes Just Saved His Life

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Love +0 Points May 26, 2010

I love how he gets back on the sidewalk as soon as possible. Because we all know the sidewalk is safe lol

Ninjas +0 Points May 26, 2010

they're everywhere

shurik +0 Points May 25, 2010

in soviet Russia u don't drive car -car drive u

brooklyngod +0 Points May 25, 2010

"oh si"

cati +0 Points May 25, 2010

where the hell is the driver running 2? failed hit and run

Dave +0 Points May 25, 2010

haha he was walking like an old time charlie chaplin character... like if he was wearing clown shoes, wtf?

lol +0 Points May 25, 2010

looks like he pulled something after that car dodge

Woohoo +0 Points May 25, 2010

Killer Dodgeball

WTF +0 Points May 25, 2010


The guy on the sidewalk keeps walking as if nothing happened and the driver runs by as if nothining happened either. What a chill country

umm +0 Points May 25, 2010

whoa! Mr Hot Steppa

melton +0 Points May 25, 2010

man vs. car - they were playing chicken. pinche good.

Willey +0 Points May 25, 2010

Why the lack of concern after as if nothing happened! haha

lilzook +0 Points May 25, 2010

he should thank nike

LOOOOL +0 Points May 25, 2010

thats Jacky Chan, no doubt about it.

the driver +0 Points May 25, 2010

reaaaally had to poop

dUbsley +0 Points May 25, 2010

Fuckin ninja...


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