Lunatic Walks 7800 Ft Tight Rope Without Harness

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Stanford +0 Points March 14, 2010

As Potterhead commented; this is Dean Potter. He is also a world class rock climber. Base jumper, too.

brooklyngod +0 Points March 10, 2010

oh si

damn +0 Points March 10, 2010

I would have done cartwheels to the other side. Or maybe I would have walked on my hands. OR maybe both. anyway you slice it that was weak

hm +0 Points March 10, 2010

thats a typical thing to do when you're jobless? maybe when u get dumped. people go to war or they commit suicide. he possibly just found another way to risk his life cus he has nothing to lose, so you're a dumb fuck "..."

_ +0 Points March 10, 2010

typical thing to do when you are jobless.

umm +0 Points March 10, 2010

stupid human

Potterhead +0 Points March 10, 2010

That guy is Dean Potter, and yes it's real...

mma +0 Points March 10, 2010

is this shit real? wtf

Doc56 +0 Points March 10, 2010

Oh but for a misguided bird to come thru , else wise hes crazier then the epic bearded old man , I was waiting for a Wallenda moment

how do you do that? +0 Points March 10, 2010

the production crew had to have had some safety nets below. otherwise, that would be like manslaughter

funny cunt +0 Points March 10, 2010


holy hell +0 Points March 10, 2010

this guy's crazy!

death420 +0 Points March 10, 2010

that guy was fucken spectacular

lilzook +0 Points March 10, 2010

lol..hee was doing the ymca hand signs..and what was up with the dark knight theme in the background


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