Lion Attacks Trainer Pokin Him In The Face

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Fuck that +0 Points October 6, 2010

I will pay to see that shit live

shit +0 Points October 6, 2010

let those lions have their meals. fuck those circuit freaks all trying to tame wild beasts!

Lol... +0 Points October 6, 2010

They weren't "poking" the lions. Notice how the others were on their stands except for that one? Before the video started, he was already misbehaving. The "pokes" are from cattle prods, trying to keep the lion from getting too close, but obviously so

O_o +0 Points October 6, 2010

that was crazy

Liam +0 Points October 6, 2010

Idiots never learn, theyre wild animals not pets

lol +0 Points October 5, 2010

Yeah people....start screaming at the top of your lungs..that'll help.

Haha +0 Points October 5, 2010

Fucking metal. Tear them limb from limb.

Awesome Jenkins +0 Points October 5, 2010

it's a crime what they do to those animals. Lock them up and force them to entertain. U get wut u deserve if u are apart of that. but MAN THAT WAS AWESOME!!

a +0 Points October 5, 2010

"It's ok...just close your eyes...lalalala....lalalala...." Reality can't be hidden away.

=/ +0 Points October 5, 2010

i feel bad for the kids all freaked out by the ordeal

hanz +0 Points October 5, 2010

they just wanna play °°

N +0 Points October 5, 2010

A show almost worth seeing.

meee +0 Points October 5, 2010

I don't like to see people die, but if you are pocking a lion on the face, mmm, you're an idiot for not seeing this coming. Not only that, after the lion attacks. Maybe you should get out of it's cage instead of pocking him a little more. Just saying..

faggatyjoe +0 Points October 5, 2010

payback is a bitch

hah +0 Points October 5, 2010

Finally a circus worth going to!

CZX +0 Points October 5, 2010

Good..the mutherfucking lions should have eaten him. Fucking cunts...I'll prod you in the face with my dick all day..see how you react.

stupidbrooklyngod +0 Points October 5, 2010

brooklyngod, you can shut the fuck up. You don't know anything about that, your comment really sucks

brooklyngod +0 Points October 5, 2010

lucky the lions did not kill them 4 being dumb shits. i know they have 2 get them under control but poking a lion in the face. sooner than later the lions are going 2 snap. oh si


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