Korean Girl Gives The Best Massage EVER

Rub and tug massage parlors get a bad fucking name. Go through twenty minutes of this and tell me you want them shut down, I fucking dare you.

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User Comments (8)

  • bizknowme @ 01/15/11 12:51PM
    First Class!
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  • jack daniels @ 01/09/11 12:22PM
    that shit looks like an eel
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  • Goddamn! @ 01/04/11 06:10AM
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  • wtf @ 12/30/10 06:39PM
    this was the gayest shit I ever seen on this site.
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  • Mr. Dong @ 12/30/10 05:07AM
    Ancient Korean secret....Koreans blow their load on the inside
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  • lol @ 12/30/10 01:59AM
    needle dick
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  • hmmmm @ 12/30/10 12:13AM
    i'd be asking for my money back. He didn't even blow his wad.
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