Kids Smile While Robbing Man At Gunpoint

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lilzook +0 Points July 29, 2010

where was this camera hidden?

Gorbachev +0 Points July 29, 2010

Send them all to Russia and see how well they do!

Lips +0 Points July 28, 2010

You see the Lips on that Niggah?!?!

damn +0 Points July 28, 2010

Nice picture of them on camera. They aren't going to be smiling in prison when bubba is butt fucking their skinny asses

Noob +0 Points July 28, 2010

Should have pulled out a shotgun and capped these faggots.

?????????? +0 Points July 28, 2010

how do you get 25 niggars in a phone booth ?? answer below

answer +0 Points July 28, 2010

you throw in a welfare check

what +0 Points July 28, 2010

don't see jesse jackson and al sharpton running to this one!!!!those raced pigs jesse and al $$$$$$$$$$$$$

The job of a nigga! +0 Points July 28, 2010

The work 24/7 doing this shit!

ummmmmm +0 Points July 28, 2010

They are on video..... go arrest them coppas! Do your job...........

Not very smart to do in frot of a camera

mikehunt +0 Points July 28, 2010

black ppl? im not surprised. these people make up 70% of jails.

not so fast +0 Points July 28, 2010

its fake...not buying fox news garbage

Zookeeper +0 Points July 28, 2010

Fukin beaners!!!!

cnevl +0 Points July 28, 2010

Go OBAMA?!!!! if thats what a black president inspires young black men to do? then WTF does that say about the black race "blaquepwr"? Not much, God help ya

obamaSgrandmotherisWHITE +0 Points July 28, 2010

what a surprise....their black!

330i +0 Points July 28, 2010

this is how real niggas make money? mankind is failing me

blaquepwr +0 Points July 28, 2010

that's right white folks, its our country now. go obama!

cnevl +0 Points July 28, 2010

why is it that most blacks always their crimes in a group of two or more? You see two running down the street and you know they're up to no good.

umm +0 Points July 28, 2010

look at those lips!!!! dont even put them in jail...put them in a plane and ship them back to their mother land!!

Rover +0 Points July 28, 2010

I'd fucking hunt them down and kill them.....slowly.

.;. +0 Points July 28, 2010

Truth is this is how real niggas make money

Hmmm +0 Points July 28, 2010

Holding = wearing. FTFM

Hmmm +0 Points July 28, 2010

I like the rosary the gunman is holding. REAL Christian values right there.

Cuntflaps +0 Points July 28, 2010

Big S needs to change the fucking record. Wanker

Big S +0 Points July 28, 2010

I'm ashamed of my race...


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