Kickboxer Loses It - Beats Shit Out of Everyone

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Carlos -1 Points May 22, 2010

Just show him a bottle of vodka and when he comes to get it. Bam! bust it on his melon head!

everyone? -1 Points May 21, 2010

he just beat up 1 guy and the ref twice.

boobs -1 Points May 20, 2010


jenko -1 Points May 20, 2010

what a fucking prick!!!

you guys are stupid -1 Points May 19, 2010


you pisa ass hoe

its funny how you comment and say pussy this that when you know he will whoop on you


brooklyngod -1 Points May 19, 2010

:oh si:

fick -1 Points May 19, 2010

try that on van dam

asd -1 Points May 19, 2010

I don't know if you realize it, but you guys sound like even bigger pussies talking internet tough. Please, your pussy asses wouldn't have done anything.

latino302 -1 Points May 19, 2010

yeah real tough you pussy beating up on guys that you know won't win. how about taking it to the ufc or someting where he would get worked. faggot pussies.

PA CCCHING -1 Points May 19, 2010

haha let him try that on me. say hello to mr nut crackers

Nero -1 Points May 19, 2010


CCCP -1 Points May 19, 2010

voo tak i nado!

someone remind me.... -1 Points May 19, 2010

why haven't we dropped a bomb on russia yet?

croat -1 Points May 19, 2010

russian are relly stupid animals

Mac -1 Points May 19, 2010


hmmm -1 Points May 19, 2010

ivan drago would of kicked his ass

Hmm -1 Points May 19, 2010

Uhg more dumb ass russians -.-

s -1 Points May 19, 2010

fuckin dumb russians

A -1 Points May 19, 2010

God damned russo's

me -1 Points May 19, 2010

wot a pussy i wud pwn him

Chuck Norris -1 Points May 19, 2010

I would breakski His Asski stupid ruskin

>< -1 Points May 19, 2010

i wonder if he could to that to anyone other than people the picked of the street. i see these tough guys all the time beating on people with no skill who then turn in to babies when they finaly meet someone who can fight

doesn't surprise me -1 Points May 19, 2010

only in russia

Liam -1 Points May 19, 2010

Ugly bald fag

lilzook -1 Points May 19, 2010

oh my..what a tuff guy


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