Japanese Man Does Amazing Work With Chainsaw

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waste of time is an idiot +0 Points March 6, 2010

like he even cares about any wood in the first place.

brooklyngod +0 Points March 3, 2010

idk. oh si

waste of time is a faggot +0 Points March 2, 2010

waste of time is a faggot

waste of time +0 Points March 2, 2010

wow all that wood wasted to make that? :rollseyes:

insane +0 Points March 2, 2010

if you ever read this, do some of the listed games.

a full size Car your choice from

Forza Motorsports 1-2-3

Assasin Creed 1-2

that should keep you pretty busy

insane +0 Points March 2, 2010

can we say hello to a million dollar art work.

goldndrgn88 +0 Points March 2, 2010

god damn, next thing we know he's gonna be building other video game characters I'm surprised though that the sculpture is taller than him.

Doc56 +0 Points March 2, 2010

He is very talented cant get over the detail he gets with a chainsaw

poor three +0 Points March 2, 2010

fuckyou men

dang +0 Points March 2, 2010

that was pimp I bet hes not a virgin either

Great job... +0 Points March 2, 2010

...Just don't drink on your lunchbreak

anon +0 Points March 2, 2010

wow now that is fucking impressive

Skyler +0 Points March 2, 2010

the guys cool should do some other characters


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