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Yeah this is old and she's not indian
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Old Video But STill Very Jerk off worthy )))
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i was fucking looking for this video all over
me 2 @ 08/12/06 05:56PM
i was fucking looking for this video all over
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gooch @ 08/11/06 08:32PM
where is the full version of this? ive been looking for years!
hf @ 08/11/06 07:06AM
very old video.. at least 2-3 yrs old.... seen it on kazaa
---- @ 08/11/06 06:36AM
really hot video
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shit i'd give her a tap (funny how porn addicts are racists too)
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actually shes hungarian
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i dont know but you could search in the web by her name wanda or vanda curtis
materazi @ 08/10/06 09:36AM
¿¿¿What is the source/name of the complete video
redneck @ 08/10/06 09:35AM
thats a porn star you idiots thats she goes by the names of wanda and vanda curtis althought she,s hot
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