India's Got Talent's Most Impressive Act

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lilzook +0 Points August 9, 2010

hes a doctor in america now

G +0 Points August 9, 2010

Its ironic that he got a standing ovation.

Curry. +0 Points August 8, 2010

That girl judge is fucken hot but I bet she smells like curry.

shit +0 Points August 6, 2010

impressive act? shit wasn't advanced at all and looks too easy with no legs. those indian judges are too easily impressed and aparrently shoosh too... :/

hmm +0 Points August 6, 2010

it was nice but it's really easy to do those kinds of things when you have no legs since you're much lighter because of it.

batmen bin suparman +0 Points August 6, 2010

I just can not wait for the new episode of balika Vadhu @ 8:00 .

Stompin Tom +0 Points August 6, 2010

Once AGAIN brooklyngod graces us with his douchebaggery.

Do us all a favor and suck on the business end of a 12 Guage..... you tool.

agreed +0 Points August 6, 2010

agreed. Those would be harder to do with legs. He has an advantage. Lucky guy.

brooklyngod +0 Points August 6, 2010

'oh si'

Assassinator +0 Points August 6, 2010

Fucking cheat.......anyone can do that without legs !!!!

Noob +0 Points August 6, 2010

I do squats, I jog, play sports, ride my bike. I love my legs.

Viking +0 Points August 6, 2010

These exercises are easy when you have no legs!


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