Illegal Slam Destroys High School Wrestler

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PUSSY +0 Points August 25, 2010

The guy slammed will get a point awarded and if the guy that got slammed cant continue then he would lose by injury default. You have to break their fall, i.e. any part of your body has to hit the ground before he does.

damn +0 Points August 23, 2010

Just lost the match stupid!! Why are his supporters happy? He lost

brooklyngod +0 Points August 23, 2010

+oh si+

azAttik +0 Points August 23, 2010

that wasn't that tight. doesn't even take a whole to of strength to flip someone like that. White people...

dfs +0 Points August 23, 2010

redneck breeding ground

douche bag +0 Points August 23, 2010

Too bad your camera sucks that the zoom feature is useless. Why don't you zoom in on a decent paying job and buy a new camera, stupid fuck.

Doc56 +0 Points August 23, 2010

Yeah strut your stuff moron you just earned a DSQ now grab a seat and watch him move on to the winners circle

dame +0 Points August 23, 2010

holy shit!

okay +0 Points August 23, 2010

Just got the wind knocked out of him, he'll be all right.

Noob +0 Points August 23, 2010

Future brain damage is imminent.


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