I Didn't Think Being This Fast Was Possible

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its hard to do +0 Points September 4, 2010

if you are on a "track bike" like them. fixed single speed.

dicklickjones +0 Points September 3, 2010

Not fast at all when you are sitting still.

spook +0 Points September 2, 2010

hehe 69

TOP SECRET +0 Points September 2, 2010

So this is what the north korean are doing in sync with their nuclear program.

Disappointed +0 Points September 2, 2010

I thought one of them was going to go flying off and smash into something similar to what Rodney Dangerfield did into the Christmas tree in the 1980's smash hit Easy Money.

Gayamazing +0 Points September 2, 2010

wow that was soooo amazing!

ass 2 ass +0 Points September 2, 2010


Toro +0 Points September 2, 2010

Thats kinda gay

Noob +1 Point September 2, 2010

That's really not too difficult to do.

2 Options +0 Points September 2, 2010

It's either be the best or Kim Jung-Ils bitch for the rest of your life... Make a choice.


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