Human Freakshow Gets Both His Eyeballs Tattooed

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werd +0 Points January 15, 2010

haha why not indeed

24lateralus +0 Points January 13, 2010

HEY SWEET are you retarded. google WES BORLAND the old guitarist from limp bizkit. he wheres all black contacts, they are not tattoos.

asdasd +0 Points January 12, 2010

Eye tattoos wouldn't hurt because there are no nerves in the "whites" of your eyes.

@sweet +0 Points January 11, 2010

you fag piece of shit whore, you from a 3rd world country? heard of prop contact lenses for movie f/x?

sweet +0 Points January 11, 2010

oi dumbass 3 comments bellow me. contacts only do the coloured part of your eye. not the whites

ehhh +0 Points January 10, 2010

i wouldnt mind having black eyes

helps with the sun.

/ +0 Points January 10, 2010


... +0 Points January 10, 2010

heard of contact lens?

fuckin +0 Points January 10, 2010


Doc56 +0 Points January 10, 2010


Pete - England +0 Points January 10, 2010

Fucking nutters! Bet that hurt as much as the first day in the showers.

brooklyngod +0 Points January 10, 2010

wow. thats tight but sick at the same time. ya i bet it hurt like a big time. i love how they had the profile on the 2 guys. of what they did and how long they were serving time lol. oh si


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