How Our U.S. Troops Take Care of A Sniper

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hmmm...americans +0 Points November 7, 2010

of 1 fucking guy with all the ammo your carrying.

If you fucking retards spent as much time aiming your riffles as you do pulling the trigger, the war would have been over in the spring of 2002.

Fucking american rejects.

hmmm...americans +0 Points November 7, 2010

over 5000 rounds and an RPG to take out 1 fucking sniper??

You fucking americans need to learn to shoot.

Take a page out of all other armies handbooks.... 1 shot - 1 kill. Minimize colateral damage to secure your objective. Not blow the shit out

damn +0 Points October 26, 2010

the first iraqi was just sitting there aiming because he knew where the sniper was and was waiting for him to put his head up

bill +0 Points October 25, 2010

I never understand why you think god would bless a country?? in particular such a mongrel warmongering nation

me>you +0 Points October 25, 2010

god bless america

they could +0 Points October 24, 2010

take a lesson from me playing bad company 2. would save them a ton of money on ammo.

bob +0 Points October 24, 2010

Yep. Got to be americans - no brains. They're sitting in armoured vehicles and they send a guy out to hand-hold a machine-gun in the line of fire.

cadillacjack +0 Points October 24, 2010

If you think that is american military you are sadly mistaken.... Even if it was the bitch ass army they would have flanked the builiding not fought back via the kill zone

How does it feel +0 Points October 24, 2010

Growing up knowing you are a pussy, your country is one big pussy, and your daddy is likely a US GI that fucked your whore mother? Hmmmm? lol Pussies!

Maybe we should +0 Points October 24, 2010

send a welcome basket ahead of time and tell them when we are coming. would that work for you little pussy ass girls on here? Bunch of pussies, your countries suck, and did I say you a bunch of pussies? lol How does it feel to grow up knowing your a pussy

Fuck those sand niggers +0 Points October 24, 2010


chris +0 Points October 24, 2010

I love the fact that the dude behind the camera is so fuckin tough hideing in the hummer. "Dont just stand there shoot u stupid fuck" haha. get outta the truck and fight u pussy ass bitch!

Love it +0 Points October 24, 2010

our boys are just sitting around watching the Iraqis take care of business. Come home safe dudes!

eh +0 Points October 24, 2010

Torturing much?

false... +0 Points October 24, 2010

Also reminds me more of the toy factory scene from Full Metal Jacket. Get sum

False... +0 Points October 24, 2010

It is US soldiers with a group of Iraqi NAs. Notice the patterns of camo some of them are wearing and also shooting aks

blam +0 Points October 24, 2010

where are those wmd's? stupid americans

.. +0 Points October 24, 2010

Not all of those guys are americans, the majority are iraqis.. The guy hipshooting had a PKM.. Definitely not american.

amateurs +0 Points October 24, 2010

i bet they didnt kill one guy

tertr +0 Points October 24, 2010

Wow i cant remember seeing this clip from Rambo. Careless shooting and not getting hit! Go usa!

yo +0 Points October 24, 2010

Enemy UAV spotted!

faggatyjoe +0 Points October 24, 2010

one sided battle, punk ass biatchs...

black is partially right +0 Points October 24, 2010

its a mixture of M249 saws and the M240B heavy machine gun. There was one guy with what appeared to be an AK. And it was US Troops.

i fuck with that +0 Points October 24, 2010

in call of duty

Curious +0 Points October 24, 2010

the few, the proud, the stupid.


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