How A Dog Can Ruin Your Sweet Workout Video

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Intestinal worms +0 Points January 23, 2010

dude your dog was itching his ass worms where you lay down to work out good luck with that SHIT

turd sandwich +0 Points January 23, 2010

that's a hell of an entrance

brooklyngod +0 Points January 22, 2010

thats one cool fucking pooch. oh si

lol +0 Points January 22, 2010


bench press +0 Points January 22, 2010

he isnt doing normal bench press he is doing that because he prolly doesnt have a decline bench

GIBZ +0 Points January 22, 2010

wtf the guy has enuff for a weight rack, two stands to hold the weights but no fuckin bench? who told him thats how u bench? he is gonna fuck himself up lol

dave +0 Points January 22, 2010

when dogs do that it means they need their anal gland popped. true. it's not worms damnit

worms +0 Points January 22, 2010

hes got da worms TAKE HIM INNNNN

Sprlaaaaxxxx +0 Points January 22, 2010

Shitty bench press

Fuckin bad form

lala +0 Points January 22, 2010

"shoortts like a meeeloody in my head"

(song in background)

yay +0 Points January 22, 2010

I love it when dogs do butt-skiing

umm +0 Points January 22, 2010

oh man...this was a funny fuckin video...i wasnt expecting that shit

Doc56 +0 Points January 22, 2010

They need to put the sound bite of squealing tires in for the dog draggin ass come on ya gotta itch ya gotta itch

DORKOLOGIST +0 Points January 22, 2010

peta made me laugh more then this video .OH no

DORKOLOGIST +0 Points January 22, 2010


PETA +0 Points January 22, 2010

Get your nasty wormy dog ass to the vet men that carpet will never smell the same.


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