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ha +0 Points August 11, 2010


R.A.T. +0 Points June 13, 2010

She's got perfect tits, but I didn't realize she was walking around with something like that in her panties. Damn that's a nice pussy. I would love to sit right there on the bed and watch that cock finish in her cunt, then be the one that gets to eat t

? +0 Points April 13, 2010

you're watching porn and complaining about how this guy made a jersey comment? really? really?

tussybear +0 Points April 13, 2010

Fuck you and your Jersey Comment, Those fuckers on that show are all from New York, us Jerzeyites are not tools like that!

Blade +0 Points April 12, 2010

LOL! Amateur. Yeah, this is her first cock - of the day!

You Sick Fux +0 Points April 12, 2010

Pathetic how you recognize her and know her other work. Wank much?

Jocko Johnson +0 Points April 12, 2010

Huh! I recognize her, thats Jackie Ashe. Jocko likes Jackie

Kookie Monster +0 Points April 12, 2010

Parental fail! Don't talk to strangers! The man actually said, "I've been shooting girls".

haha +0 Points April 11, 2010

that dude sounds like chewbacca. lol.

its porn +0 Points April 11, 2010

hey dushe bags...IT's PORN !

their selling you a fantacy! get real

asdf +0 Points April 11, 2010

If you google this 'amateur', you will find the several hundred other times Jackie Ashe was randomly approached and 'convinced' to do a porno.

4chan +0 Points April 11, 2010

It's always amusing how these so-called "amateurs" go from innocent "i've never done this before", to a cum guzzling whore in 2.5 cock strokes.

gross +0 Points April 11, 2010

this bitch is nasty...whats with the hairy, loose puss?

anish +0 Points April 11, 2010



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