Horse & Buggy vs. Man Running Red Light

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he +0 Points October 24, 2010

driver was getting head

cunt +0 Points October 24, 2010

i love the way the two other cars drive off and dont help. total cunts, they should get the death sentance for being such pussies

:( +0 Points October 24, 2010

thats so fucking sad. fuck you driver.

Curious +0 Points October 23, 2010

impressive how the whitnesses take in the situation then quickly leave the scene

anger +0 Points October 23, 2010

driver should get the death penalty for hitting the mule!!

Knyt +0 Points October 23, 2010

Damn that sucks, someone kill that Donkey fast ... poor little thing.

Common Sense +0 Points October 23, 2010

Regardless if the light was green, it's not permission to run someone over; especially if they're going 2 mph and you could see them from a mile away!

faggatyjoe +0 Points October 23, 2010

poor little mule, i couldn't care less for drivers.... but the mule.. some1 shoot the mule out of her misery.

duff420 +0 Points October 23, 2010


WTF +0 Points October 23, 2010

The donkey cart clearly wasnt supposed to go. You can see the green lights. But the dumb ass driver didnt even break at all. WTF was he doing, staring at the floor?

... +0 Points October 23, 2010

but you can see the green light ..... car's not really at fault here

ummmm +0 Points October 23, 2010

asians are dangerous behind the wheel, poor mule, i say break that assholes legs!

yeah +0 Points October 23, 2010

what a stupid fucking driver.

rley +0 Points October 23, 2010

why do no other wankers stop to help dick heads.

thats fucked up +0 Points October 23, 2010

i normally could fucking care less about shit like this but poor fuckin mule, feel bad for it.

yeah fuck this +0 Points October 23, 2010

poor fucking animal

... +0 Points October 23, 2010

take this shit off of here!

ATSViper +0 Points October 23, 2010

Was a mule


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