Horrific Collision Knocks Jordan Lewis Out Cold

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brooklyngod +0 Points April 14, 2010

huh. oh si

aussie +0 Points April 13, 2010

nfl has harder hits watch a game

Me +0 Points April 12, 2010

Anyone who says "bollocks" is a fucking pussy.

mike +0 Points April 12, 2010

NFL is for PUSSIES.. AFL is a MANS game.

jim +0 Points April 12, 2010

well they fiqured all the fans were out cold from bordom from this stupid game that they would join them.fuck this queer game,gay,lame,retarded,get a life

umm +0 Points April 12, 2010

i cant believe he got knocked out from that tap on the head....pff

Doc56 +0 Points April 12, 2010

Well ok heasn't wearing a helmet and took a hot so now he can be a real man and have to wear a helmet due to the brain damage he has now

Watch +0 Points April 12, 2010

AFL, and perhaps you'll all see how bollocks NFL and Soccer are compared to this REAL sport.

Dimmitri +0 Points April 12, 2010

The AFL does have harder it's as there is no protective gear.

chuck +0 Points April 12, 2010

jajajajajaja LMFAO! They say they have harder hits than the NFL lol

lilzook +0 Points April 12, 2010

he was using riskishis old move


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