High School Jock Brings Intensity To A Fight

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white niggers +0 Points September 13, 2010

pantera is the only redeeming thing about this video

Horsedonk +0 Points May 8, 2010

Kyle you're a fag

andre a +0 Points April 25, 2010

the tall kid needs to learn the clinch

PANTERAAAA +0 Points April 24, 2010

made this fight better

Fuck +0 Points April 24, 2010

A good clean fist fight. So rare anymore.

SeniorSupieor +0 Points April 24, 2010

that was lame the fight would of been over if the kid in the red shorts threw more jabs instead of those wild hooks

creep +0 Points April 24, 2010

i thought it was a decent fight, both stood there own, no clear winner

meat +0 Points April 24, 2010

wannabees....these both would be slaughtered in a real fight.

Liam +0 Points April 24, 2010

oh my god they look so scrawny and weak

^^ +0 Points April 24, 2010

" you guys are both pretty fucked up " lol only kid that was messed up was the smurf in the red shorts

libo +0 Points April 24, 2010

pozicione ass

brooklyngod +0 Points April 24, 2010

lizlook you are correct. stupid humans indeed. oh si

lol +0 Points April 24, 2010

fake ass uriah faber

lilzook +0 Points April 24, 2010

da fuck?? humans are stupid


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