Heroic Dad Saves His Baby From Crashing Car

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Anonymous +0 Points May 5, 2011

More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, plseae

umm... +0 Points May 12, 2010

i've been hit very similar to that, but more square on. i was not holding a kid, though. in my case, the shock kicked in so quickly that I can imagine the state he is in after the impact

Uranus +0 Points May 11, 2010

Great job dad!...now u have no legs

sads +0 Points May 11, 2010

wow, nice fucking move dad!! That driver would have not been right mentally the rest of their life if he hadn't done that. Wow!

brooklyngod +0 Points May 11, 2010

#1 dad 4 sure. oh si

damn +0 Points May 11, 2010

the driver of the car would be dead as soon as i put the baby down

shit +0 Points May 11, 2010

Holy Shit, kiss was right! You can clearly see a man flying in the slowmo.

Thought about it +0 Points May 11, 2010

The thought of tossing the baby was silly you need at least a 10yr old to act as a possible speed bump

@???? +0 Points May 11, 2010

You stupid dumb fuck! I bet your pussy ass will use the baby as a shield. Then run to your nail salon and brag about it.

DUDE +0 Points May 11, 2010

what else should he do?

j +0 Points May 11, 2010

Super-dad-- All respect to the guy!!

:)) +0 Points May 11, 2010

Finally something positive to see, great job..

Kiss +0 Points May 11, 2010

Father had a broken leg. Kid was fine. Father's parents were seriously hurt but recovered. Look at the slow motion. You can see his parents fly thru the air.

More dads +0 Points May 11, 2010

100% man right there. That's a real father.

what an idiot +0 Points May 11, 2010

to the guy who thinks that by not dropping a baby in front of an out of control car isn't saving a bay then like the guy said below... you are a stupid dumb fuck!!!

you stupid dumb fuck +0 Points May 11, 2010

How did he save it you ask? by shielding the baby from getting hit by the fucking car you stupid stupid dumb piece of shit.

>< +0 Points May 11, 2010

lilzook your a complete moron

???? +0 Points May 11, 2010

How the fuck did he save it? If you want to call not dropping the kid saving it, meh. It should say " Dad hangs onto kid while getting plowed by a car." Glad the kid's ok though.

so +0 Points May 11, 2010

so, no hope for america...

knobo +0 Points May 11, 2010

this happened in New South Wales Australia

lol +0 Points May 11, 2010

I don't think this is in america bro...

lilzook +0 Points May 11, 2010

this gives me hope in america..


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