Guy Loses His Damn Mind Inside Music Studio

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fake +0 Points March 3, 2010


brooklyngod +0 Points March 3, 2010

whatever. oh si

this guy over here +0 Points March 3, 2010

hey i was wasnt like omg hahahaha funny.. but it was amusing none the high

random +0 Points March 3, 2010

if you call thinking that was funny/anything near good music...then we have all lost our mind

Doc56 +0 Points March 3, 2010

I made it to :19 and figured nah I dont want to waste the time

lulz +0 Points March 3, 2010

LOL! The singer scared the shit out of the producer..oh man...

Man the Man +0 Points March 3, 2010

I don't get it. He didn't break anything and it wasn't particularly funny, and it was way too long for how unfunny it was.

lilzook +0 Points March 3, 2010



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