Guy Leaks Super Hot Sex Tape With Ex-Girlfriend

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Jocko Johnson +0 Points March 17, 2010

thats Alexis Capri-a pornstar

Joe +0 Points March 16, 2010

So easy, A caveman can do it!

Okay +0 Points March 16, 2010

A chick who routinely released porn on the internet cannot have a sex tape "leaked." This is publicity; now we'll all be googling her name.

Me +0 Points March 16, 2010

Fucked up camera angle! You fucking wanker. He's an ugly cunt too!

john +0 Points March 16, 2010


Gregg +0 Points March 16, 2010

Alex Capri..

One of the 3 hottest sluts on the net..

Who can ever forget her Taxicab Cumfessions scene!

pfft... +0 Points March 16, 2010

Summin the girl will always say to make the vid look naughtier, "Dont show to anybody"

Ziggy +0 Points March 16, 2010

Further proof that hot porn chicks are born not made!!!

ugh... +0 Points March 16, 2010

IF YOU SHOW THIS TO ANYBODY!!! Um, he did not show it to anybody. THE INTERNET DID!

Wow +0 Points March 16, 2010

I really like their curtains...

ratbastid +0 Points March 16, 2010

The girl's a tramp, the guy's a loser...oh no.

girrl +0 Points March 16, 2010

alexis capri

eh +0 Points March 16, 2010

learn how to hold a fuckin camera. asshole

Viking +0 Points March 16, 2010

Ex-girlfriend my ass...


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