Girl Punches The Shit Out of Her Black Boyfriend

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MK +0 Points April 29, 2010

she"ll be dropping out his niglet and future inmate....waste of bandwith for these pieces of shit

ha +0 Points April 28, 2010

thats what she gets for being with a porch monkey.

to chuck +0 Points April 27, 2010

you're right. not to generalize i've heard stories of white dudes break windows to help out defenseless girls, but even so.. even a black dude might do the same is what i mean

Chuck +0 Points April 27, 2010

dont be racist: Why would I get involved in this case? If she looked innocent I'd step in and protect her from the muddy masses, but obviously she's getting what she asked for. Fuck a chimpanzee and you'll eventually get bit!

dont be racist +0 Points April 27, 2010

u guys wouldve just stood there and watched like retard cowards that talk shit about races online

dw +0 Points April 26, 2010

from slaves to this thanks abe

brooklyngod +0 Points April 26, 2010

oldie but goodie. oh si

damn +0 Points April 26, 2010

Dude got knocked the fuck down! He ain't getting his money btw

obvious +0 Points April 26, 2010

3 pumpkins got smashed in this video

cockdeez +0 Points April 26, 2010

typical nig

Tuwind +0 Points April 26, 2010

"hahaha. The guy filming sounds like he is having an orgasm."

This is exactly what I was thinking.

Doc56 +0 Points April 26, 2010

Funny ass reaction he had and then little poser in tank top what the fuck?

Liam +0 Points April 26, 2010

That guy was weak as shit, one hit from a girl knocked him down

bitch +0 Points April 26, 2010

shoulda stomped him while he was down

grizzly +0 Points April 26, 2010

equal rights means equal fights...

unless you are a pumpkin smashing bush boogie

lol +0 Points April 26, 2010

pumpkin smashing was epic

Moose +0 Points April 26, 2010

hahaha. The guy filming sounds like he is having an orgasm.

Big S +0 Points April 26, 2010

I am ashamed of my race.

lilzook +0 Points April 26, 2010

lmfao..old as dirt..classic vid though

damn +0 Points April 26, 2010

all for a smashed pumpkin...

ea +0 Points April 26, 2010

male or female, you can't hit someone and expect to be magically shielded from being hit back. both people are trash though.


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