Girl Beats & Humiliates Boy In Front of Friends

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uh +0 Points March 23, 2010

hug her fat stomach, lift her fat body, slam that FAT on the ground - bitchburger - pulling hair and kicking the boy for just expressing his attraction to her skinny blonde girlfriend, those women are taking over guys, I better not see more of those

damn +0 Points March 19, 2010

that's respect. pretty sure he could've killed her, but what self-restraint?

brooklyngod +0 Points March 18, 2010

i respect that kid. any 1 else would have probably knocked her out cold. but he did the right thing i.m.o. oh si

bryguy +0 Points March 18, 2010

but can you hit a dyke

"You don't hit a girl" +0 Points March 18, 2010

Someone should tell this bitch that you don;t hit a boy!


Wow +0 Points March 18, 2010

If that girl did that shit to me, she would be on the ground fast!

lilzook +0 Points March 18, 2010

diary of a wimpy kid..the reality series

umm +0 Points March 18, 2010

id never hit a bitch...BUT I'D SHAKE THE SHIT OUT OF HER...damn she had a fat ass too

Doc56 +0 Points March 18, 2010

" Dont hit a girl " but you can swat a bitch to get her in line , dude use the back pack beat that buffalo down

Jesus +0 Points March 18, 2010

You don't hit a girl but you can always make an exception

pussy +0 Points March 18, 2010

that fag should of smashed her face in. equal rights bitches.


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