German Cops Don't Fuck Around With You

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swede +0 Points October 8, 2010

This is the kind of policework we needed during the riots in the gothenburg EU-meetings, but all we got was a kid who got shot... :/

chuck +0 Points October 7, 2010

I wanna be a GERMAN COP!

Nathan Forrest +0 Points October 5, 2010

Nathan Forrest +0 Points October 5, 2010

I love the German Police! If only America hadn't been pussified by the liberal media hippy tree fucking queers and monkeys we could be this AWESOME! Great job Germany, keep up the good work brutilizing those scum bags that have no respect for the rule of

Realist +0 Points October 5, 2010

All I see in this video are some psychos and retards attacking the police with (swords, bicycles..) and get beaten for it! I life in germany and I feel save here and thats cause of the police. And in fact for a normal citizen they are always friendly and

Kadet +0 Points October 5, 2010

They say once they say twice..third time fucks up you;r ass ) that's hot it needs to be..that good

bastarde +0 Points October 5, 2010

die meisten polizisten sind feige spastis, die sich nur was trauen, wenn sie dich zu 5. im auto festhalten -.-"

Steve +0 Points October 5, 2010

It seems like there is a lot of demonstrations going on. Fukn govt trying to keep the people down.

Viking +0 Points October 5, 2010

Respect for the german police!

LOL +0 Points October 5, 2010

Nicht schlecht.

thats only because +0 Points October 5, 2010

its hard for German citizens to get gun licenses.. so cops can kick them around without any fear

proln +0 Points October 5, 2010

DOn't fuck with them

brooklyngod +0 Points October 5, 2010

nice video, even the german shepher was getting in on the action. oh si


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