REKT: Inexperienced Escort can't handle anymore

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Tiny Tot +0 Points November 5, 2017

Dude get to the gym right away...tighten up that flabby bod of yours...stop the wheezing...stay hard longer!! Dude had bigger floppy tits than that skanky Ho!!

Anonymous +0 Points November 5, 2017

Are these two camwhores? or is this a hooker? source anyone?

Anonymous +0 Points November 4, 2017

Wife does that arching up shit when I come from behind. Annoying as fuck I wanna hit uterus damnit.

Dc +0 Points November 4, 2017


Push the bitches back down. Gotta train her bro.

Anonymous +0 Points November 4, 2017

@Anonymous you spelled husband wrong asshole.

Anonymous +0 Points November 4, 2017

@Anonymous Hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous +0 Points November 4, 2017

@Anonymous I never mentioned husband you dumb-ass!

Anonymous +0 Points November 4, 2017

@Anonymous the real joke is every response is from a different person.


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