Racist Girl Snaps in Dunkin Donuts

The reason for this lady Hitler losing her shit? Lack of receipt on her last visit. I know, dealers really need to start raising their meth prices in the inner-city.

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  • DAMN good fuck, but can you handle her?!
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  • "I want you to fuck me the way u fuck mom"
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  • She had to do porn once. Now she's a legend!
  • You wont see a more impressive body today!
  • Fuckin hell, I need to get a friend like THIS girl
  • PROOF that girls are WAY filthier than men
  • Hack your sisters phone & this is what you get
  • There's a good reason this hottie went PRO
  • No words. I have no words left to describe this
  • Round #2 for yesterday's creampied teen
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User Comments (39)

  • VEGAS @ 06/13/13 05:16AMBest Comment
    Yea you put this on the internet so we all can see what a fucking loser you are Bitch
    3 1
  • Captain Obvious @ 06/13/13 12:10AM
    She's hot, but so fucking crazy.
    3 1
  • Lol @ 06/13/13 12:04AM
    Wayyyyyyy to long for me to care to listen to some chick bitch. I already have two sisters a mom and a GF.
    3 1
  • darwin @ 06/13/13 03:06PM
    This is great. She has gone YouTube viral and not in a good way. This video has about 35 likes and 4,000 dislikes. I am not kidding. Her FB page was taken down and her employer is considering whether or not to fire her. PEOPLE, PLEASE!!! YOU MUST GO TO HER YOUTUBE PAGE AND LOOK AT SOME OF THE VIDEOS OF HERSELF SHE HAS POSTED. This is priceless crack-ho, meth addict look at MEEEEEEEE use of internet bandwidth that will make you glad you're not her.
    2 0
  • Bitchesbetrippin @ 06/13/13 10:25AM
    This video is the perfect example of so many things. 1. That any idiot can get a business degree, some degree's are a fucking joke. 2. The limits women will go to to make themselves out to be a victim when they really aren't. 3. How self centered some bitches are that they make everything about them. I'm just glad to already see the footsteps of internet just that is a bulk majority of people blasting her for being a tard
    2 0
  • ObiWan @ 06/13/13 09:06AM
    Jesus, he's giving her everything she wants so why the fuck is she talking shit still? "i got a business degree" while every other word is bitch, cunt, and fuck lol She needs to quit smoking meth cuz shes too high strung. I'm going to Mars? Pissed in my fries? This chick is a crack head. That manager is a pussy for not defending his employees from verbal assaults by calling the cops.
    2 0
  • darwin @ 06/13/13 09:02AM
    How about a bagel with cream cheese shoved in your face and a large ice coffee poured over your head.
    2 0
  • jackmeoff @ 06/13/13 03:50AM
    ahahahahaha what a fuckin cunt
    2 1
  • wow. @ 06/13/13 03:14AM
    racist white people man, I tell you.
    2 0
  • indian supremacist @ 06/13/13 01:05AM
    the white man is losing. the brown man and the yellow man will win.
    2 1
  • Stupid Bitch @ 06/13/13 12:43AM
    Man that cunt is fucking retarded...just like Sarah Palin.
    2 1
  • O.oseriously @ 06/13/13 12:07AM
    What a bitch.
    2 1
  • rock0ut @ 06/13/13 12:07AM
    what a bitch.
    2 1
  • mexican @ 06/13/13 04:17PM
    she is a huge dumbass !
    1 0
  • jbpnw @ 06/13/13 12:37PM
    The bitch's name is Taylor Chapman. A 27-year-old vile skank from Florida.
    1 1
  • barny @ 06/13/13 09:41AM
    would have slapped this bitch so hard 1 minute in...your a customer, a normal customer not the queen of fucking England...hate how high and mighty customers think they are...its dunkin donuts ide go to jail to be able to smash her face in repeatedly
    1 0
  • grayday @ 06/13/13 08:26AM
    facebook is LIVE, you fucking loser. lmao
    1 0
  • jj @ 06/13/13 07:49AM
    She isn't hot enough to be that crazy.
    1 0
  • EGADS @ 06/13/13 06:08AM
    Someone needs to kill this fucking cunt.
    1 0
  • rashando jackson @ 06/13/13 05:44AM
    id want to stick my dirty sock in her whore mouth and butt fuck her till her ass bleeds then strangle her with her dirty shity pantys what a fuckin discrace you give black people a bad name bitch
    1 0
  • bitch @ 05/21/14 08:20AM
    What an asshole. She obviously wasn't raised right. fuck her
    0 0
  • sleyiseemaydee @ 07/05/13 08:33AM
    0 0
  • Armena @ 06/28/13 06:57AM
    Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that really hpleed.
    0 0
  • Peter @ 06/26/13 05:29AM
    i fucking hate her my mom aaylws fucking shouts at me for NOTHING my sisters a Basterd she aaylws starts it and shes older than me i got shouted at for kicking her in the boob i fucking she called me a dickhead and rabbit i fucking move out wen im 20 and ill get 30 people with guns
    0 0
  • audhf @ 06/19/13 07:49PM
    The easiest way to get your shit spit in. Dumb bitch
    0 0
  • This cunt needs a cock down her skank throat @ 06/15/13 04:08PM
    Does anyone have the link to this piece of shit douchebag's youtube video or facebook page? What a fucking loser. You gotta be a special type of inbred trailer park trash to pull this shit. She needs a dick up the ass and in the mouth--preferably ones dripping with herpes and hiv.
    0 0
  • givernotreceiver @ 06/15/13 02:48PM
    They should spit in this bitchs food.
    0 0
  • what a bitch @ 06/14/13 07:16PM
    this bitch is a fucking whore, that guy should tell her to fuck off out of the shop and stop swearing.
    0 0
  • Got Mouth? @ 06/14/13 07:02PM
    Put this bitch's mouth on a curb.
    0 0
  • dad @ 06/14/13 08:04AM
    thats my daughter you assholes are cursing be nice
    0 0
  • driveredman @ 06/14/13 06:21AM
    hahah what a bitch...hahah
    0 0
  • this cunt @ 06/13/13 08:03PM
    lols this cunt need a dick slap
    0 0
  • surveillance??? @ 06/13/13 07:25PM
    Yo bitch, get your bipolar meds straightened out. You're ranting about donuts, you skank.
    0 0
  • fuck that bitch @ 06/13/13 07:23PM
    She thinks they spit and pissed in the donuts so she's not going to eat it. She's going to give it to her boyfriend. What a fucking horrible piece of shit she is!
    0 0
  • Dark Jester @ 06/13/13 06:48PM
    I have had problems with rude employees at businesses but sometimes customers are rude too and think they can talk to people however they want because they are a customer. This bitch is fucking stupid. Be rude to the employee that was rude to you not other random people who don't give a shit about your problems. They just wanna work, get paid and go home. I applaud the guy working there and the other customer for listening to her stupid rant.
    0 0
  • 666 @ 06/13/13 04:46PM
    wow what a cunt lazy cunt! looks like Darwin's fag daughter with tranny problems. A meth addict getting mad over a donut wahhhhhhhhhhhhh wahhhh
    0 1