Overconfident stripper almost paralyzes girl

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Anonymous +0 Points March 30, 2017

Anonymous +0 Points February 8, 2017

Damn saw this girl in the news with a neck brace on giving a thumbs up with smile. Thought the story was hilarious and the video definitely delivered.

Anonymous +0 Points February 7, 2017

He power-bombed her STRAIGHT TO HELL, J.R.!!!

Haha +0 Points February 7, 2017

What a dick. Fucken hate male strippers

Anonymous +0 Points February 7, 2017


anonweeg +0 Points February 7, 2017

Did she died?

Anonymous +0 Points February 7, 2017

Lol well deserved. That'll learn her to just stay home on Saturday night.

Anonymous +1 Point February 7, 2017

he slammed that bitch down to ensure she took the brunt of the fall and save his own skin lol


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