Omegle Girls are Scared of Monster Dick

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  • EPIC TINDER HOOKUP: Two guys at once
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  • One night stand ends with college creampie
  • Y can't this happen to me in public just ONCE?
  • One day without a dick? Not in her lifetime
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User Comments (8)

  • Sosmaster @ 07/05/13 11:49AMBest Comment
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  • notta @ 01/29/13 06:01PM
    Some real classy broads out there.
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  • CaliKing @ 01/29/13 04:53PM
    XX...your a fag
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  • BDS @ 01/28/13 03:05PM
    XX seems to know all the In's and Out's of a cock.
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  • BlackLeprechaun @ 01/28/13 09:32AM
    those gurls wood believe it if he was black........
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  • basil @ 01/28/13 02:38AM
    If you can't slam it in balls deep then it's too big.
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  • XX @ 01/28/13 01:40AM
    Fake, his uncut thats why he only play with the head, so it will look bigger, but in fact his holding his foreskin. Woman can take up to 7 inches as max. So even if you have 20 inches you have to keep 13 inches out, which means you can only use it to brag about it with your men friends. You wife wont be extra horny while you have sex with her cervix
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