Obese WoW Player Threatens Online Bullies

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Anonymous +0 Points December 12, 2015

God bless the internet. :,)

beefy +0 Points November 3, 2014

is he talking to a mirror?

LOLFatbitch. +0 Points June 16, 2013

one kick to the gut.. she's done

what +0 Points May 20, 2013

Oh shit! that's a woman.

lol +0 Points March 15, 2013

not even a pneumatic punching glove could hurt that lard arse, THATS HOW SHE ROLLS BABY xD, mwuhahahahaha

what fatty make a funny? lol

OG TRIPLE OG.... +0 Points September 4, 2010

Y'all know what this is , its my handle for my 2 tonne jack....that i use to wind my fat ass out of the Van each day. ( wipes tears from eyes ) I needed that thx for the laugh Sheman

Damn +0 Points August 27, 2010

I cant believe he she said you fuckin fat ass mother fuckers has he she look at his herself.

wyat71 +0 Points July 5, 2010

if i was a big mac i would be scared

Fag +0 Points July 5, 2010

This dude has got to be gay

MMM +0 Points July 4, 2010

LOL, he prolly got his ass kicked in a game


mmm +0 Points July 4, 2010

I dont know if I want to fight it ,fuck it or hunt it down and cook it?

me +0 Points July 3, 2010

Id fuck her...

cmon +0 Points July 3, 2010

I actually would like to fight her,I think with one good punch I knock her on her arse.

nightsaints +0 Points July 3, 2010

This dude sounds like a girl! I really thought it was girl talking until I saw his fat ass face!

americans +0 Points July 3, 2010

you proud?

lol +0 Points July 3, 2010

wow, I love how "it" was talking about fat people, saying how they would be out of breath, yet you can hear her gasping for air LOL.. OMG this made me cry LOL. Watch out for that kick, lol

mastakilla +0 Points July 3, 2010

seems like a fat dyke

ROFL +0 Points July 3, 2010


phawq +0 Points July 2, 2010

"god i wish i had something to hit"..... guess hitting the gym has never crossed her mind

Nathan Forrest +0 Points July 2, 2010

Is this Porn?

fucking lold +0 Points July 2, 2010

trailer park trash

SHut up fat cunt +0 Points July 2, 2010

I'll knock your ass out with a 10-day old donut.

Mac +0 Points July 2, 2010

Thanks Shooshtime!

slayer322 +0 Points July 2, 2010

ummm, solid steel isnt hollow....

x +0 Points July 2, 2010



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