Never wanna get sex again? do this to your GF

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fjhgyuf +0 Points December 31, 2016


Bill Clinton +4 Points December 31, 2016

You never want sex again? Marry her....

Anonymous +0 Points December 31, 2016

either staged or the dumbest white fuck on the planet.

Anonymous +0 Points December 31, 2016

What a fuckin dick. Everything that is wrong in the UK now.

Anonymous +0 Points December 31, 2016

Americans? They're fucking English you bell end.

Suicidal +2 Points December 30, 2016

@anony+mous 07:28AM - Of course its bullshit. That "so called" chilli does not contain any heat what so ever. They are are exactly like a "Capsicum or Red Bell Pepper" (depending where you're from) onlt not as sweet.

Anonymous +2 Points December 30, 2016

she should give a blowjob with tooth paste in her mouth...

Anonymous +0 Points December 30, 2016

what is this "insert" thing? never saw such tampons in the eu. are americans even too dumb to shove a tampon in a pussy with a finger??

anony+mous +1 Point December 30, 2016

So no one thinks this could be staged? I don't buy it

Anonymous +2 Points December 30, 2016

She knew that was going to happen. You can find their prank videos on Facebook. She always acts like she's dumb, and gets views for it.

Anonymous +0 Points December 30, 2016

Not funny - go join the Taliban - you'll be among friends when you get there

Shooshboy +0 Points December 30, 2016

This was such a low blow . Disgusting, must say her reaction was priceless to watch, then again Im a sick fu**, You dont do this to people you care about.

Anonymous +0 Points December 30, 2016

He should be repeatedly kicked in the coin purse! ( although from experience you usually only feel the first blow) but still


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