LOL: This is why I don't fuck with drunk girls

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User Comments (11)

  • take up the ass like a man @ 04/20/13 07:38AMBest Comment
    her mother will be so proud watching her little princess being a disgusting pig
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  • Darwin @ 04/20/13 05:34AM
    When I went on my first real date at 15, we went to a movie and walked to McDonalds for a burger (not THAT kind of burger, perverts). I miss the 60's. I wanna go back.
    3 1
  • Wow... @ 04/20/13 04:24AM
    Like this bitch too lazy to walk to a bathroom? For fuck sakes are we breeding fucking retards now or what?
    3 0
  • Sammy @ 04/20/13 08:52AM
    hey, i made $100 so all of you fuck off
    2 3
  • lol @ 04/20/13 05:41AM
    how is this funny! poor fish
    2 0
  • Doc56 @ 04/20/13 04:27AM
    Damn she didn't even have time to let it drip dry , nastyass
    2 0
  • miss piggy @ 02/17/14 06:38AM
    and thats how the teen age mutant ninja fish got transformed
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  • y @ 04/21/13 04:14PM
    lose your dignity for $100, nice one sammy
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