Guy Flips After Girlfriend Deletes WoW Account

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aname +0 Points April 2, 2014

im pretty sure its fake. if this really happened he would have exausted a couple avenues before flipping out.

oscEATau +0 Points January 22, 2014


Teiya +0 Points June 28, 2013

This is way better than a brick & mraotr establishment.

Thu +0 Points June 28, 2013

Arltices like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

Idris +0 Points June 26, 2013

Yeah, that's the tieckt, sir or ma'am

dickwad +0 Points October 9, 2012

gotta be fake.

Paige93 +0 Points January 6, 2012

if he can do that his pc .. id hope to god she doesnt tell him it was her..ouch

dickwad69 +0 Points December 18, 2011

what a fucking retard...i wonder if she ever told him or if his friends showed him the vudeo

fake +1 Point September 13, 2010

and gay--blizzard restores characters no questions asked

massiveattack +1 Point July 6, 2010

play lineage2 ..

PHUKwutUthink +1 Point June 22, 2010

Its official..white people do over exagerate shit.

Dumbasses on this Site +1 Point June 18, 2010

If he's a loser, then none of you are gamers. If she weren't such a useless cunt, she would talk to him, then do that as a last resort.

sjr20xx +1 Point June 17, 2010

One wordLoser

L2 +1 Point June 14, 2010

OMG i would beat that vith's ass, tie her up fuck her in her ass till she shit herself, good thing i play Lineage 2, 7 daY delete

umm +1 Point June 14, 2010

oh man, what you didnt see is that bitch catching a beat down

orly +1 Point June 14, 2010

Fake. WoW players would know that they could restore it.

chris brown +1 Point June 13, 2010

i will kick that bitchs ass for u man dont worrie then ill have her put to gun tatttos on her arms to make her a wow bad ass rofl

its real +1 Point June 13, 2010

hahah what a fucking pussy. fucking game is shit any way i never understood how some one could could play that pointless bullshit for hours and hours all day long fucking loser got what he deserved.

The King Of WOW +1 Point June 13, 2010

LOL Pwnd you bitch. Family and friends come first then work then the internets. Get a life other than this fake ass gaming shit..Again LMFAO at you.

Real Man +1 Point June 13, 2010

Point being, if that bitch really did that shit her face would be in the wall. Granted WoW is a piece of shit, anything you invest time and money in only to have some cunt ruin it is code for one free ass whipping.

Next time your woman thinks you'

fake +1 Point June 12, 2010

fake cuz a real gf wouldnt even know how to deleate a character

asd +1 Point June 12, 2010

Can't imagine what he did to his girlfriend

KingAlien +1 Point June 12, 2010

Shes gonna be like " Babe im sorry Im just getting you ready for STARCRAFT II !!!"

You people +1 Point June 12, 2010

all of you that feel sorry for him are as gay as him for playing this gay shit game.

sarca +1 Point June 11, 2010

I agree its fake. Him punching and breaking the monitor is all CGI


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