First-Time Mosher Gets A Painful Surprise

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huh +0 Points September 6, 2013

wtf was that??

imao +0 Points July 4, 2010

Is the mother fucking, ugly ass, donkey pussy, god forsaken, ear busting, ass of a sound supposed to be music?

llanta +0 Points July 2, 2010

lmao gay hardcore dancing babys. thats not moshing. still funn to watch them get hit though

gay +0 Points June 30, 2010

shortly after the video they all suck each other off

Lollergasm +0 Points June 30, 2010

White people are stupid.

brooklyngod +0 Points June 30, 2010

'oh si'

Gayness +0 Points June 30, 2010

wtf was that?

Fucking spooks.

. +0 Points June 30, 2010

Fucking faggots.....

Zookeeper +0 Points June 30, 2010

There is no need for me to respond to accidents. It is deliberate negro gorilla violence that I have to get my nets for.

Zookeeper +0 Points June 30, 2010

Fuckin albino gorillas!!!

uh... +0 Points June 30, 2010

I wish I had de intellimegence of da white man.

kunta dick-me +0 Points June 30, 2010

I be a nigga.

Big S +0 Points June 30, 2010

At least they aren't murdering each other like my race. Also, notice how the concert is actually happening. Drake concert in NYC is an example of my people ruining everything.

kunta dick-me +0 Points June 30, 2010

yup, stupid white people

:)) +0 Points June 30, 2010

i;d bann this kind of disperate shit and throw the people who "dance" like this righ in the fucking jail !!

ahhah +0 Points June 30, 2010

fuckin white ppl. lmaoooooo

Big S +0 Points June 30, 2010

Im glad to see that we are not the only ones who cannot behave...

uh... +0 Points June 30, 2010


"hardcore" +0 Points June 30, 2010

i've really understood moshing in the first place..people just flailing around like a bunch of idiots

lilzook +0 Points June 30, 2010 words

um.. +0 Points June 30, 2010

thats not moshing that spinning with your fist out.


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