Asking Strangers to Have Sex

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Reza +0 Points August 10, 2013

I am still learning of your stuff, and i'm atmpteting to attain my objectives. I completely adore reading by way of all that is written within your internet site. Sustain the actual suggestions arriving for long term ! Thanks !

hah +0 Points July 30, 2013

I like the after credits when a guy is trying the same thing.

TheDarkSider +0 Points July 30, 2013

This is a Stupid Prank what was she expecting them to say? errrr me naw likey sexy time.

Boring +0 Points July 30, 2013

That giant at 2:07 stay away from those people

Alsheimer -1 Points July 30, 2013

go to the brothel stupid cow.

Duggah +0 Points July 30, 2013

@RJeremy - Well said sir.

RJeremy +0 Points July 30, 2013

Sounds like consent to me. All filmed and legal like. All of the leg work is already done. I would have asked her for her I.D. and if she was of legal age, I would have knocked the bottom out of that shit! I would have hit that ass so hard she would never walk up to a random stranger again and ask him for the TIME let alone if he wanted to have sex. Dumb cunt.

420 good morning +0 Points July 30, 2013

gay as fuck ?

ass to mouth +0 Points July 30, 2013

i bet she does anal dirty slut

sooo +0 Points July 30, 2013

stoopid. What's the point of this?


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