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aaronshih2001 +0 Points June 9, 2016

What a great kick you china man... haha

Anonymous +0 Points May 1, 2016

The elevator that eats people. Hey...that would make a cool B movie!

Anonymous +0 Points February 7, 2016

From what I heard, the guy broke both legs but didn't actually die.

Anonymous +0 Points February 5, 2016

god i hope this was on the top floor

Anonymous +1 Point February 5, 2016

what movie is this from?

The Pheonix +1 Point February 4, 2016

Thank you Shooshtime!

Bob Boberson +0 Points February 4, 2016

Where's the 2nd video that shows the people on the inside of the elevator reacting to the nut job crashing through the roof. That's the one that's hilarious!

lol -1 Points February 4, 2016

A dumb Chink, I'm not impresses

Anonymous +0 Points February 4, 2016

everybody pushing the elevator button to make him come back

BabeWatch +1 Point February 4, 2016

quite the contrary... you just embarrassed yourself.

It's getting old Shoosh +0 Points February 4, 2016

@ shooshtime - Thank you for the clarity. It was bound to happen. My real joy was knowing I was able to piss each and everyone of you off!

It's getting old Shoosh -2 Points February 4, 2016

Read the title.... Anybody notice a common theme here? Shoosh it's time to drop the your mom character and the all this stupid shit based commentary. Bad enough we had your Hitler YBM rants, Irate Black Male rants, F350 tough guy rants, your mom shit rants, imafag queer rants, springfeeel butt fuck rants, time for a new stir the pot. How about Calvin the comedian?

Captain Peacock +0 Points February 4, 2016

Ground Floor perfumery, stationery & leather goods, wigs and haberdashery, kitchenware & food..going down


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